Other Peoples’ Thoughts on Canada

“Canada? Oooo it’s going to be quite cold you know?” – said by a different person every time I informed someone of upcoming trip – just in case I hadn’t done the research…

“Wait, you’re going by yourself? Wow…that’s scary.” – it is? *SWALLOW* * ~immediately overcome with self doubt/anxious eaab473548c671a58c46d6b0791a7c20sweating occurs~

“The Rocky Mountains? But that’s not Canada!?” – a personal fave

“Of course bear spray is a thing, and you’ll be needing plenty of that!” – well wishes from my old man

“I hope your plane crashes and you all die!” – lovingly said by my little brother, who is yet to learn several key social skills, tact being the obvious one

“But you do know there won’t be any nail salons out there? Are you gonna be alright?” – a concerned (and largely mistaken friend)

“If you do bump into Rspeechachel McAdams (Canadian actress) I’ll be so jealous!” – Sure, because Canada is only the second biggest country in the world, that’s bound to happen.

“You guys seriously need to relax, you’re being so erotic!” – my sister to my parents during my airport check in, we know what she MEANT to say, bless her.

“Be overly British, they’ll love it.”


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