Making the most of the snow

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks: most of us have quit our jobs at Deer Lodge (please see TripAdvisor for more details on the slave like conditions we were working with) and a new plan to head to Vancouver at the end of January has emerged.
Luckily, I have landed on my feet and miraculously managed to blag a job at the fanciest hotel in Lake Louise for the time being, not a bad result.

But with roughly only a few weeks left to frolic about in the mountains, I feel it is important to make the most of all the snow based activities LL has to offer.




I can confirm that snow tubing is definitely as fun as it sounds, although, I do have a massive issue with the term ‘snow tubing’ as I feel it’s inaccurate name for the activity.
I mean, they’re not tubes, they’re rubber rings, nothing tube-like about them at all.
But I digress…


We rode the conveyor-belt up the hill, armed with our donuts, and once we reached the top the ski hill staff flung us back down.



Should you ask anyone who knows me well, they will confirm that I am a grade A pussy at the best of times. Whining like a banshee at the prospect of (what I perceive to be) dangerous and or life threatening – rollercoasters/slightly fast fairground rides being one particular cause for concern.

So, when the others decided to ride down the hill as a five person ring, I naturally refused, but eventually gave in and had the best fucking time.
FYI – in almost every ‘scary’ scenario this is typically the end result.




3 thoughts on “Making the most of the snow

  1. Hi there!

    I found your blog while researching places to work in the Lake Louise area. Can’t find your post on Trip Advisor (wondering if they’ve since been deleted?) but would love to hear about your experience at the Lodge since I have applied there…


  2. Hey! Found your blog when researching places to work in the area. I can’t find your posts on Trip Advisor (wondering if they’ve since been deleted?) but would love to hear about your experience since I have applied to work there this summer!


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