Making the best of the worst…

Somewhat ironically, my most recent blog post saw a giddy Tahlia and I arriving in VanCity, soon to be joined by our two pals Emily and Alanah. The four of us were all set to move into our plush new apartment situated slap bang in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Downtown’s infamous Granville Street.
Due to declining funds, a lack of four steady incomes and a ‘miscommunication’ with our new landlady, our plan to live in Vancouver til April is sadly no more, and tonight is my last night.

After living in Canada for three months I will admit that this working holiday lark is perhaps not ideal for me. This is purely because I legitimately cannot sit still and remain in one place for very long. I am always way too keen to move onto the next, new place and see as much as possible. I have learnt to save like crazy for my next adventure, so I won’t have to work while abroad and can simply travel around as and when I please.

I didn’t like the idea of staying in Lake Louise longer than the 2 months I spent there as I want to experience as much of Canada as my limited budget will allow. As spectacular as the mountains were, life in the Rockies relied heavily on your ability and enthusiasm for skiing/snowboarding.

For that reason, I don’t regret leaving Louise to come here; it is an insanely cool city. It’s almost been like being in my beloved London, especially the weather. The main difference here are the friendly Canadian inhabitants. I’ve found it strange but a super nice change to power walk along busy city streets and have passers-by smile and nod.
Another massive difference is the horrendous homeless problem that haunts this otherwise clean and comfortable city. London has nothing on this place in that respect, and we should be grateful.
Overall, there is a really exciting and fresh feel about Vancouver, particularly Downtown and Yaletown with their infinite choice of busy bars and kitsch eateries. I could definitely live in a city like this…perhaps just after a little more planning/funding…


Vancouver: My Five Favourites
1) The Elbow Room (the sassiest table service I have ever encountered)
2) Granville Street, Downtown
3) Victoria, Vancouver Island
4) Dr Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden, Chinatown
5) Stanley Park

As it happens, I have unfortunately had to bid farewell (for now) to my Aussie babes. These are the three girls I have spent every day with for the last three months, but with our rapidly depleting financial situations I had to let them flee back to their homeland. It’s been just half a day and there’s already a million things I want to tell them…


Travelling solo once again now, the Lone Ranger returns. I am fortunate enough to have enough money to keep me going just that little bit longer and before I return I am determined to see the East Coast.

So, tomorrow morning at 7 am I will be flying to Toronto from Vancouver, and I am pretty bloody excited. Toronto was the one place I always wanted to visit in Canada, having had a bunch of people tell me how awesome it is and how much I would love it.

However, having now adapted to the extremely mild climate here in Vancouver (today was +12 degrees, jackets-are-optional type weather) I am quite concerned by fellow Canadians informing me of the extraordinarily cold February weather that Toronto is currently experiencing, with temperatures dropping to around -23. *Yes that is a minus sign parked in front of the number 23*…
Despite this, I am thrilled to hear I will be arriving to a blanket of snow. If people can be dubbed ‘sun-worshippers’, then ‘snow-worshipping’ is definitely my thing.

I am harbouring some mixed feelings about the four and a half hour plane journey tomorrow morning, but I am comforted by the knowledge that once I reach the East Coast, it will only be a 6 hour trip home, when my (limited) funds have eventually vanished. The mere 5 hour time difference between Toronto & London will also be a welcome change.

For now, thanks for letting me reside in you Vancouver.
Be back soon.

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