Taste of Vietnam: Favourites So Far

I’m still finding my feet with the food here in Hanoi, particularly the street food. What I mean by that is, I am still getting used to the assortment of animal carcasses and unfamiliar smells emerging from the various street markets, including the one located right on our doorstep. I consumed my fair share of mystery meat during the first week or two and I was generally unimpressed by the watery consistency of a lot of the Vietnamese cuisine.
I truly love to eat and I’ll be honest, the prospect of trying exciting new food on a daily basis was a major contributing factor to my final decision to visit here. Oink. So I almost began to lose hope, worrying I had picked the wrong Asian country to live in…

BUT! I haven’t let the funky smells/presence of rats/displays of decapitated chickens put me off entirely. Ever since I started avoiding unidentifiable meat and keeping a vigilant eye out for ‘chó’ (dog) on any and all menus, I have managed to find a few favourites…


Similar to a kiwi, but not as sour and tart taste-wise, the dragonfruit is my new favourite fruit, ever. Available for just 10,000 VDN (30p) on the market outside our house, I grab one of these bad boys most days, peeling and devouring the entire thing in seconds like a primitive humanoid.



Egg Coffee

I bloody love eggs. I would put an egg on or in most things. But coffee? I wasn’t entirely sold on the concept. But it is a Hanoi speciality, so I tried it…
The egg is whisked together with condensed milk, and sugar, and coffee, and cream? To be honest I’m not entirely sure how these Vietnamese coffee wizards create this magical concoction but it tastes like a warm, custardy Cadbury creme egg. You’ll just have to trust me, it’s banging.



Morning glory

Looks like spinach, but crunchier. I think the Morning Glory plant is actually a flower originally but they just use the stalks for this dish. Typically served here smothered in garlic, chilli and onions, sometimes tomatoes, sometimes with nuts sprinkled on top. Stir fried with noodles = the dream. It is super moreish and full of flavour; I can’t get enough of the stuff.



I realise we have this stuff in the UK, but it can be found on almost every drinks menu in Hanoi. I hadn’t ever tasted it prior to arriving here as I wouldn’t typically opt for a thick, bright green drink but there’s something mega refreshing about it and I’ve started wishing everything could be Matcha flavour. Undoubtedly my favourite drink of my trip so far has been the Matcha & coconut latte at The KAfe.




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