Dreamy Denmark: Four Days in Copenhagen

Cost: £££££
Weather: 🌞 + ☔
Novelty factor: ☕ + 🚲

In what can only be described as tremendously out of character, I found myself pretty unprepared for my latest trip to Copenhagen. Other than a brief Google search of ‘Nordic Delicacies’ I was basically clueless. A group of four friends and I had been interested in visiting the Danish capital, and with return flights for less than £50 (good ol’ EasyJet) we figured it would be rude not to.

The calm and colourful Copenhagen has experienced an influx of trendy tourists as of late, with the city fast becoming the hipster hot-spot of Scandinavia. The pretty as a postcard Nyhavn Harbour boasts some of the best looking buildings, art, people and food I have seen in a long time – we’re not in Asia anymore! – with fancy fresh fish restaurants and boutique ice-cream shops serving up some seriously Instagram-worthy grub.

Costly Copenhagen is definitely the sort of place you’d visit as a treat to yourself or a loved one, perhaps after a handsome pay packet, or a Lotto win… We were reminded of the city’s high price tags while searching for somewhere to house the five of us for the weekend. Even hostels were dear, with beds in a mixed dorm starting at around £45! Luckily, because there was a group of us, it worked out cheaper to bag ourselves an Air BnB holiday rental. I swear by Air BnB, honestly. We stayed in the quiet but cool Østerbro district, in a gorgeously Scandinavian open-plan apartment and the entire stay cost us less than £75pp for four nights! Although we were slightly out of the way, once we had sourced bicycles (or Bycycklen if we’re being authentically Dansk), we were able to nip around the entire city with ease.

Undoubtedly my favourite thing about the city, after all the amazing fresh food, are the wide open streets which are a joy to roam around. Much like Amsterdam bicycles are the primary mode of transport for city dwellers in Copenhagen, and they are easy to acquire. Because we are Savvy Sandras we decided against renting city bikes at an hourly rate of £3.50, and instead found a local shop owner who agreed to charge us just £12.00 each for our very own bicycles for two days. Happy Daze. We spent most the holiday exploring the streets of Copenhagen on two wheels, trying to keep up with Darren – apparently my most athletically gifted friend?

Friday night was spent bar hopping in trendy but tranquil Nørrebro, at least I think we were in Nørrebro, we were still getting our bearings. On the Saturday we went out drinking in the Meat Packing District, AKA the Shoreditch of Copenhagen. A dark and dingy dive bar named Bakken was listed on several ‘Top 10 Copenhagen Bars’ blogs, so we headed there for an evening of over-priced beer drinking and deep house music. From what I can remember I had a great time (despite the deep house) and the queue outside appeared to go right around the block, so for people who hadn’t really got a clue, it seemed we’d inadvertently come to some super edgy spot.

If like us you are only in Copenhagen for a weekend, one place I have to recommend is Freetown Christiania, the hippie commune located in the borough of Christianshavn. It is hard to explain Christiania; picture a mash up of Camden Market and Amsterdam’s Red Light District… Read all about it here //Be sure to wander around the bohemian markets and try the locally brewed Pilsner! Known as the Green Light District of Copenhagen, weed is freely sold and smoked here which is why visitors are not permitted to take any photos, hense my lack of photographic evidence. But I guess this can be your excuse to see it for yourself!

Getting our bearings & plotting our bycyklen route
One of many flower displays, Østerbro District
The blue skies & busy streets of Nyhavn, København
Colourful Copenhagen
Boats n Bikes
Disapproving defacement
Street performers of Amagertorv, Strøget
Let’s all be a bit more Danish
Green Light District’s Finest
Cycle-delic ☮
Smørrebrød @ Café Dyrehaven
Buttery Doughy Danish Goodness
Brunching a la Dansk
Obligatory City Break Panoramic



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