London’s Best Comfort Food: The #BREXIT Binge

This week will go down in history as the week we (England) formally began the process of leaving the EU, following the Brexit referendum results last year. Wednesday 29th March will be known from this day forward as the day ‘GreatBritain officially triggered Article 50 – kicking off the two-year process of #Brexiting the European Union… 💔🇪🇺👋

It’s not EU, it’s MAY

If, like me, you are a Londoner identifying with the 59.9% majority who voted Remain, you have probably had a pretty tough time swallowing this. This dreaded day was not something you ever wanted to happen and now you find yourself submerged in misery, plunged into darkness. Consumed by fond memories of day trips to France. Melancholic about the now endangered, formerly cheap as chips Ryanair European city breaks. Waving farewell to your favourite, reasonably priced European brands…

But it doesn’t have to be like this, fear not Londoners! Rejoice in the knowledge that I, the piggiest of all piglets, have compiled a comprehensive list of The Best Comfort Food in London, to help us eat our way through this sad time. At times like this, when there is next to nothing you can do to salvage a situation, I have found you can always rely on food. Food won’t leave you. Food can provide the best kind of comfort. GLORIOUSLY DEEP FRIED, CHEEZ COVERED, SUGAR SOAKED, COMFORT. Stuffing your face to the point of no return will (with any luck) bring on a self-induced food coma. Binging to the state of near combustion is likely to make us sleepy, easing us into a state of submission, surrendering our sassiness and accepting defeat.

Now, I’d love to say I ate all of the following food for research purposes, but that would be a flat out lie. As my Instagram followers will know, I just so happen to be one of those God awful people who feel obliged to take photos of all my favourite food – so these images were conveniently on hand! The plus side of this, is I have eaten my way around London with gusto, and consider myself fairly well versed with the many, many places to eat. This makes me the ideal candidate to recommend places for you to stuff you face and embrace the #BrexitBinge.

Patty & Bun Burger London Foodie
First up, The Best Burgers in London: Patty & Bun! I myself am somewhat of a burger conoisseur, and as a seasoned P&B customer I can tell you with confidence these are the best burgers in London town. Hard to choose a favourite, it’s a toss up between taste sensations Jose Jose & the Lambshank Redemption
Rockstar Ramen @ Bone Daddies! Had wanted to try this place out for ages and this week (Wednesday 💔) was the perfect excuse to chow my way through one of their delicious ramen bowls. I went for the Curry Ramen ^ and I left comforted and full of love… and broth.
Bone Daddies, James Street (Marylebone branch)
The following three are a pick of my favourite Borough Market spots, this one is La Tua Pasta! Okay so this place, seriously. What better comfort food than cheese + pasta. You need to immediately, with haste, get your mitts on a bowl of their Ricotta & Spinach Ravioli. No sauce necessary, simply sprinkle with parmesan and add a dash of olive oil. Go there. Go there now!
Alternatively, ( or additionally – I hear dat) if you’re more of a carnivore, next door to La Tua Pasta in Borough Market is Gourmet Goat. This place dishes up the world’s most moist, melt in your mouth meat you will ever eat. I recommend the Baby Goat Bulgur Wheat Bowl. It’s juicy and gorgeous and for comfort food, it’s maybe not that calorific?
Ok so you’ve had your Borough Market main, now for dessert: Bread Ahead. This Borough based bakery has created the naughtiest donuts in existence. These bad boys ^ are my personal favourite – Salted Caramel filled donuts topped with Honeycomb. I recommend carefully prodding the honeycomb inside, through the donut hole. Comfort food personified.
I’ve saved the best til last: Homeslice Pizza! This pizzeria has a special place in my heart. There has never and will never be a better pizza place in London town. I realise what a huge claim that is, but if you love proper, stone baked Italiano pizza, and you’re a true foodie with a taste for phenomenal flavour combos – Homeslice will do it for you. This is food for the soul, and after the week we’ve had – there’s no better place to go!

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