London Food Month: Night Market Nosh

June is already a distant, hazy memory. The entire month flew by in a blur of incessant feasting, with eateries in every corner of the capital embracing the Evening Standard-endorsed London Food Month. In hindsight, I think I spent the entire 30 days nursing a constant case of savage food sweats, as sunshine and street food took over the city. Due to this food-induced stupor, this post is slightly more delayed than I had planned, but I guess it can serve as a retrospective review of what can only be described as Culinary Nirvana.

London Food Month’s main event, the Evening Standard Night Market, was held in the picturesque grounds of Kensington Palace Gardens. Thousands of ravenous foodies fled to West London, with the pop-up market tipped to be the street food event of the season… and boy did it live up to the hype!

As you would expect, I had established a game plan prior to our arrival which was something along the lines of:
*Eat everything in sight until eating is no longer physically feasible*
(A fail-safe strategy in my experience…)

April Abroad London Food Month
A novelty phone box oOoOOo can you get a photo of me? I bet no-one else has thought to do this!

Here is a rough play by play of our feasting efforts, and for anyone who hasn’t tried any of these places you HAFF to take note:

19:00 – We made a speedy beeline for the Le Bao truck (winners of the 2016 British Street Food Award don’t cha know) having wanted to try one of their steamed buns for what seems like forever. We managed to get in there before any queues and swiftly ordered two of their specials; the pork belly, pickled cucumber and crushed peanut powder and then the spicy fried chicken bao with sriracha. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. Heading here first was possibly a misjudgement as these were going to be hard to beat…
19:07 – Despite still recovering from the taste explosion that had just gone off in our mouths, we wasted no time at all (if I had to guess I’d say it was a mere 7 minutes later) and we headed for the Patty & Bun van to sample a Night Market Special. If you weren’t already aware P&B are the Be All And End All of dirty burgers cc: my various Instagram highlights.
19:28 – Ok so at this point I was forward thinking (game plan) and I couldn’t resist purchasing a phaaaaaat Salted Caramel slice from Bad Brownie.. just in case they sold out you know?
19:45 – I can be seen queuing impatiently at the Holy Guacamole truck, desperate to try one of their famed Steak Tacos. OH MY G is it worth it! The Steak. The Salsa. THE GUAC. #Dribble
20:02 – Strolling around (albeit at a notably slower pace) we realise we are on the precipice of death-by-meat, but we power up with a Pimms, eyeing up all potential offerings, from Persian to Portuguese, Ghanaian to Gluten-free…
20:20 – After almost an hour of non-stop munching I convince myself I still have room for one last treat and like a greedy piglet scrambling for the last remnants of the communal trough, I eagerly head for The Cheese Truck.  Before long I am grasping a crispy-crusted toastie in my greasy, greedy paws. The gooey-goodness oozes out of its breaded casing. The experience can only be described as the perfect cheese induced crescendo.
20:31 – We finally run out of funds and reluctantly waddle to the tube station, lovingly clutching our cheesecake and brownie take away boxes (for the road…)

Le Bao Pork Belly & Chicken Sriracha Steamed Buns
Le Bao Truck: Pork Belly & Chicken Sriracha Steamed Buns…….. 🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼
Dangerously delicious Salted Caramel brownie slice cc: Bad Brownie co.
🍫 The dangerously delicious efforts of Bad Brownie co. 🍫
Salted Caramel Slice FTW 🏆🏆🏆
Brolly chic ☂️☂️
These umbrellas were purely decorative ☀️🌡️☀️
The Cheese Truck knows waaaaasssssup 🧀🧀
Patty & Bun + The Cheese Truck within walking distance from one another = The Dream. 😍
Krazy for Kofta, if only I’d had room…
Blue skies and barbeque….

I can guarantee it’ll be no time at all before I use this blog as an excuse to don my ‘Food Tourist’ hat.
See you then x

Channelling my inner Aziz Ansari…

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