Unfinished Business: Return to Canadia

Two winters ago I reluctantly ended my Canadian adventure in the city of Vancouver a place which was quickly awarded the coveted title of My Favourite City of All Time. This is a huge claim, I know, but the fact it consistently appears in the Top 3 Most Liveable City list says it all. Having ended my trip here back in 2015 it seemed only fitting for my return to Canada to pick up exactly where I left off.

April Abroad Canada IEC Visa

It is remarkable how you can return to a place several years later, in my case having only spent a number of weeks here, and everything fits back into place perfectly. I lived here for a little under a month back in February 2015 but it would appear the sights and sounds of VanCity are permanently ingrained in my memory – no doubt a symptom of my unwavering obsession with this country.

I have been smiling from ear to ear since I touched down at YVR last week and thanks to the welcoming, kind natured and friendly temperament of the Vancouverites, I can already feel myself becoming a more chilled out, stress-free human being (PRAISE BE!) Within my first few hours I had been on the receiving end of more genuine smiles and friendly acknowledgements than I would typically experience in an entire week back home in London town.

But back to me being a massive Vancouver Keeno. Since stepping off the plane I’ve successfully navigated my way around the city without the help of Google Maps or so much of a glance at a guidebook. A heady sense of nostalgia waves over me whenever I am faced with familiar sights and smells from my previous time here. I have been busy revisiting all my favourite spots, as well as eagerly exploring anything I have not yet seen, before I head to the mountains to begin working – more on that later.

Like the majority of this idyllic country, photographs simply don’t do it justice and no matter what camera you use it is impossible to accurately capture what you are seeing with your own eyes. Vancouver is particularly special because on top of being a buzzing metropolis it also has the mountains overlooking the city, providing the most #Canada backdrop imaginable. I am so happy to have timed my return during Autumn, the sun has been shining nonstop since my arrival and the leaves have been falling in a mass of deep orange and burgundy and brown. September looks good on you, Vancouver.

Going from working full-time in rainy old England to being back where I have wanted to be for a long time now – a place I have quite literally been daydreaming on a daily basis for two years – is the best feeling ever and I plan to remind myself every damn day just how lucky I am to have made it back here!

Click images to enlarge
April Abroad Stanley Park September 2017
Stanley Park boasting some serious #NoFilterNeeded scenes
I’m all about dat Autumnal aesthetic
Lions Gate Bridge April Abroad September 2017
Lions Gate Bridge looking majestic as hell
Stanley Park September 2017 April Abroad
Blue skies ahoy!
Stanley Park Scenes 2017 April Abroad
Pretty as a panoramic
Gastown looking glorious
Gastown Steam Powered Clock April Abroad
Gastown’s Steam Powered Clock 40 today!
W Cordova St. looking lovely n leafy
Cornflake coloured canopy
Lady Quackerton and her companion, Michael Quackson. I made those names up but this woman is a Granville St O.G.
Yaletown walks
English Bay Beach (this place legit has it all)
Here I am, sat on a thingy, looking extremely Tourist with a capital T

Oh, Canada.
Told you I’d come back for you 🇨🇦


4 thoughts on “Unfinished Business: Return to Canadia

  1. Hi April, Glad you’re so happy to be back in Vancouver . I Remember you can hire bikes and cycle around Stanley Park. Have you contacted Julie yet?
    Lots of love Granmaxxx


    1. Hi Granma, yes I am going to do that today to make the most of the sunshine; we are having amazing weather it is 22 degrees today! Yes, I have been emailing Julie, hopefully going over to see her soon. Love you xx


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