Pumpkin Picking in Pemberton

This week Tanika and I decided to travel from Whistler (where I now live, did I mention this?) to nearby Pemberton, having got wind of a little farm there with a legitimate pumpkin patch! For context, Halloween is my absolute favourite time of year and I tend to get particularly EXXXXXTRA during late October, so the concept of picking my own pumpkin was irresistible. If I had my way every day would be Halloween themed…

Nightmare before Xmas

With only 10 sleeps til the big day (eeeeeeeek!) I felt pumpkin picking would be the perfect pre-Halloween activity and when we discovered the farm was just 32 km away a day trip to Pemberton seemed justified. Locals will agree, there isn’t a whole lot to DO in Pemberton, a town best known for its rural scenes, but this didn’t matter to us as we were here on Official Pumpkin Picking Business and headed straight to North Arm Farm after our short Greyhound journey from Whistler Village.

The weather was pretty eerie and grey during our visit with the low clouds and sunset orange treetops setting the perfect Halloween scene for our day of Halloween prep. I would highly recommend a trip to North Arm Farm for a little day out as it is a seriously cute spot; you can roast marshmallows over an open fire, take a wagon ride around the farm and of course, pick a winning pumpkin to take home! Entry to the farm is free and our pumpkins cost just $2!

Here are our photos from the day, prepare yourself for some pretty epic Autumnal scenery…
Winter is coming but for now Fall is doing BITS 😍😍😍

North Arm Farm April Abroad
Pick your own Pumpkins!
Eerie skies ahoy
Hashtag farm life
Autumn at the bottom, Winter at the top
Teeks giving serioussss “Wagon Chic”
I want this one. Iddy biddy baby pumpy.
Orange is the new black
This fire dweller fella was a bit luvly
Have you ever seen so many Pumpkins?
Freshly made farmers sausages and candy corn #OhCanada
Every shape n size you could possibly desire
My precious
The Autumnal aesthetic is everythinggggg

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