Snow in Love: A White Christmas in Whistler

Although this post could quite easily rely solely on photos I have taken over the last few weeks, it seems only right to divulge at least some detail of the wonderful Christmas I have had here.

December flew by in a haze of luminous fairy lights and festive themed aperitifs/hangovers and in case there was any doubt in anyone’s mind, I can confirm Whistler really does go to town at Christmas. Within the space of about a week the entire village had transformed into Whoville and our house followed suit, sourcing a ginormous tree from the local market and planting it proudly in the middle of our living room, giving it the full tinsel treatment. Christmas doesn’t get much more picturesque than spending it in a snow globe, but it definitely wasn’t all advent calendars and mince pies… Literally tho. Still q fuming I didn’t consume a single mince pie this year…

So the first of my Christmas qualms was the genuine fear that I may actually be slowly morphing into a Steak Bacon and Cheese pie I serve so many of them *other pies are available.* But in addition to working long hours at the pie shop I also properly missed my friends and fam over the holidays. This won’t come as a great surprise, I mean it isn’t really Christmas without them is it? However, in fairness, Whistler definitely did its best to fill the Family and Friends shaped hole in my heart. FaceTime also did its bit.

It is virtually impossible to simulate the feeling of waking up with your family on Christmas morning, spending the day smashing egg nog flavoured Baileys and consequently falling comatose before Old Queenie comes on the tellybox. BUT what I will say is I am lucky enough to be working and living with some Grade A, World-Class, Top of the Range Human Beings who made this December 25th pretty fun. One particularly favoured work colleague/housemate/co inhabitant who is everything I love about home and everything I hoped to find here, all rolled into one, was my favourite Christmas present this year. Thanks to him almost every day it feels like I have everything I need, right here.

So we decided to venture up the hill – aka Taking the Gondola Up the Mountain for all you rookies – on Christmas morning, and my word it was something special. It was only my second time up Whistler Mountain but I am fairly certain I could never tire of the views. I just love mountains, the snowier the better. However, because when it comes to Mountain Tekkers I rank lower than a visually impaired snowboarder with one leg,  I was among the group who decided to take the gondola back to ground level, rather than riding down. Christmas Eve hangovers are a bitch though, in my defense.

We ended the day with a slap up properly British roast dinner, the Christmas edition. I’m talking Roast Beef, Crispy Potatoes, Honey Glazed Carrots, Pigs in Blankets, Yorkshire Puds, Rib Eye Steak (?)… the works. It was at this point in the day I felt the most emotional, and this won’t come as a huge surprise to anyone who has met me for even a day. While it would have been beautiful to have been able to return home to devour my Christmas din dins with my family, being surrounded by exceptionally well cooked meat and perfectly seasoned carbohydrates was nearly as good.

I am more than okay with spending 2018 here.

There is no such thing as too many Crimmy trees.
Whistler in December = Whoville
Snow place like home! I basically live at work.
It’s not Christmas until…
Cold. Out. Ere.
Frosted Flakes
Waiting for the bus ain’t so bad …😍
Bluebird day so they say
Pon the Peak 2 Peak
View from the top
Squinty eyes and cold tootsies
Proper snow init
Matic Candids, a series by A. Summers
My natural snowboarding stance;
Srsly tho, I have no idea
Happiest when…
April Abroad Whistler Village British Columbia Winter Christmas
…In a sea of snow ❄️❄️❄️




One thought on “Snow in Love: A White Christmas in Whistler

  1. Wow. JUST wow!
    Obviously we missed you at Christmas too, but not as much as I would love to see all that fabulous scenery. Oh no.
    It looks brilliant and your writing confirms just how fab it is.
    Have fun. Stay safe.


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