West Coast Wanders: Seattle in 72 hours

I’d expect readers of this blog to have become accustomed to the not-so-hidden food agenda of almost every post I write by now, but nevertheless, I feel obliged to inform you that my experience of The Emerald City was one predominately planned around the needs of the bottomless pit that is my stomach. However, I do feel we achieved much more during our time in Seattle than simply challenging the daily recommended calorie intake. It worked out to be surprisingly cheap to travel to Seattle from the Frozen North; our two bus tickets (Whis -> Van -> Seattle) cost just over $50 each – making this a worthwhile weekend adventure. Here’s how it went down… 


After approximately 7 hours of traveling on two separate buses, we arrived in Downtown Seattle, ravenous and in need of a feed. Obviously, I had compiled a comprehensive list of Places of Food Interest prior to arrival, and we were perusing said list when we realised we had coincidentally stumbled across one of the city’s most hyped burger joints, Lil Woodys.

We were basically starving by this point, so Dave opted for the mega jumbo big boy Burger of the Week, an X Rated Mac & Cheese & Bacon Burger, while in a somewhat out of character move I decided to keep it simple by ordering the basic bish dish, The Big Woody. I think it goes without saying that we, OF COURSE, opted for a basket of the hand-cut fries and a Salted Caramel Full Tilt Milkshake. I can report the hype surrounding ‘Lil Woodys is entirely justified, every single bite was spot.on. and we split 30 minutes later all smiles and happy tummies.

We jumped in a cab to Fremont, the neighbourhood we were staying in for the next two nights, at the confusingly named hostel – Hotel Hotel. I’ll say this now, it didn’t appear to be cheap to stay anywhere in Seattle but this place offered a reasonable rate for a cheeky private double complete with edgy decor, big ass bed and our very own en-suite. I would recommend Hotel Hotel if you are prioritising comfort over the location…


…. Having said that, it didn’t take us all that long to walk to Capitol Hill the following morning – a statement poor Daffers may disagree with – on a quest to the hipster 15th Avenue. We were only in town for just over two days, or by my chosen measurement of time (eating), a mere 6 meals! Therefore, picking the correct places to chow down were of paramount importance as I’m sure you can understand. I’d heard good things about The Wandering Goose, a café specialising in Southern-style soul food. I’m talking fried chicken, collard greens, biscuit, the whole shebang. The Goose is also known for its hearty breakfast dishes, and my chosen Bubble & Squeak (beef brisket, poached eggs) did not disappoint. *Incoming – C List Celeb Sighting* You know you’ve picked a bomb ass brunch spot when you’re sharing the room with a former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant. *Name Drop*

From Capitol Hill, we meandered further downtown to peruse the most #Seattle tourist spot, Pike Place Market. It was at this point in the day, mere hours after brunching, that we felt it would be ok to eat again. I personally felt compelled to purchase a CornDog because I’d always wanted to try one and have never quite understood the concept (spoiler: it is literally a hot dog in cornmeal batter). It tastes nice, yeah. Nice.

There is so much to look at around Pike Place, including the germ infested, infamous Post Alley Gum Wall. Does what it says on the tin this: a wall with a shit ton of gum stuck to it. I was more fascinated by how close punters were willing to get to the mucus mural, myself include. Gotta do it for the ‘gram, you know how it goes.

We continued to mince around the city, our strolls taking us through Pioneer Square (see, we get around!) a picturesque, red brick neighbourhood with a rich history that I vaguely Googled a bit about but, it’s not food related, so will skip over. Basically, we started craving a milkshake of a similar calibre to the ‘Lil Woodys Salted Caramel from the night before but weirdly, despite us walking the literal streets of an actual major U.S.of.A city, we were finding it hard to source a legit milkshake. We had to settle for a Steak and Shake but it did the trick.

At this point, the weather was deteriorating which is to be expected from a city with a rainy reputation, but we had discovered a local games arcade was currently throwing a happy hour… can you guess what happened next? What more could you want? Half price pitchers AND adult certified gaming, that’s wassup. I have since looked up this place – GameWorks –  and I am sad about how naff the general website is as it doesn’t do the place justice. Despite our shocking dollar-to-minute spending ratio I would 100% recommend heading here should the heavens upon up.

Understandably we were two Hungry Henrys after an hour of solid gaming SO it was decided our final meal of the day was to be at new ramen spot, Ooink, over in First Hill – yep more walking, soz Big D! This small, no-frills Japanese joint served up some of the sexiest, slurpiest noodles I’ve had in a while – go for the Kotteri Ramen, the black garlic oil is to die for guys.


We had to get the bus back to Vancouver mid morning Saturday and because the Greyhound station seemed kinda far out of the way we didn’t expect to have much to preoccupy ourselves with prior to boarding our bus. Little did we know the Thrift Store Heaven we were to stumble across right around the corner from the. The Holy Grail of Second Hand Steals came to us in the form of The Salvation Army charity shop found on the corner of S Royal Brougham Way. We were both gutted we hadn’t known about this absolute gem of a bargain basement but we made the most of the brief time permitted before our bus had to be caught. Weirdly enough we both agreed this was by far Seattle’s best kept secret.

And then we got the bus home.

That’s enough reading for one day, congrats for getting through it. Now for some photos…

April Abroad Seattle Public Market

If you don’t take a photo of this did you even go to Seattle tho?

April Abroad Seattle Starbucks Pike Market
Being Extremely Tourist and Insisting a Photo is Taken of Me Stood Outside The World’s 1st Ever Starbucks
April Abroad Seattle Starbucks Pike Market
🌈🌈🌈 Technicolour treats 🌈🌈🌈
April Abroad Seattle Starbucks Pike Market
I am 100% on board with the CornDog concept
April Abroad Seattle Starbucks Pike Market
Bouqetz 4 dayz
April Abroad Seattle Starbucks Pike Market
All of the lights
Seattle Pike Market April Abroad Donald Trump Graffiti
A Trump is a fart
AHHHH cooooool but also, ew.
Capitol Hill Seattle April Abroad
On an epic quest for poached eggs
Capitol Hill Seattle April Abroad The Wandering Goose Seattle
Can confirm I did not eat any of these. Regrets.
April Abroad Seattle Brunch Spot The Wandering Goose
Biskit & Chikkin @ The Wandering Goose
April Abroad Ooink Seattle
Capitol Hill Seattle April Abroad The Great Wheel Seattle
The low budget London Eye



One thought on “West Coast Wanders: Seattle in 72 hours

  1. Most of your pictures make me hungry
    The gum wall made me feel sick
    I loved Seattle. I wonder if I’ll ever get to go there again?


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