April Abroad Snowboarding Whistler Mountain

Whisinterpretations: An Idiot’s Guide to Ski Town Terminology

I'll start this one with a confession so we can be on the same page; I can't and don't ski or snowboard. Yep. I live in one of the most beautiful ski towns in the whole entire world and I have only "been up" twice. I know, I know, I am an embarrassment to myself and my family and … Continue reading Whisinterpretations: An Idiot’s Guide to Ski Town Terminology

April Abroad Group Photo Whistler Mountain

Snow in Love: A White Christmas in Whistler

Although this post could quite easily rely solely on photos I have taken over the last few weeks, it seems only right to divulge at least some detail of the wonderful Christmas I have had here. December flew by in a haze of luminous fairy lights and festive themed aperitifs/hangovers and in case there was … Continue reading Snow in Love: A White Christmas in Whistler

Whistler: First Impressions of the ‘Comb

Today marks the two month anniversary of my return to Canada and I still can't quite believe I'm here to be honest. Being in such a joyous state has resulted in a consequential lack of content on the ol' bloggin’ front so I thought it was about time I drop a *hot* *new* *exxxxxxxclusive* RE: what I’ve been … Continue reading Whistler: First Impressions of the ‘Comb

April Abroad Pumpkin Picking Pemberton

Pumpkin Picking in Pemberton

This week Tanika and I decided to travel from Whistler (where I now live, did I mention this?) to nearby Pemberton, having got wind of a little farm there with a legitimate pumpkin patch! For context, Halloween is my absolute favourite time of year and I tend to get particularly EXXXXXTRA during late October, so the … Continue reading Pumpkin Picking in Pemberton

April Abroad Stanley Park vancouver

Unfinished Business: Return to Canadia

Two winters ago I reluctantly ended my Canadian adventure in the city of Vancouver a place which was quickly awarded the coveted title of My Favourite City of All Time. This is a huge claim, I know, but the fact it consistently appears in the Top 3 Most Liveable City list says it all. Having ended my trip … Continue reading Unfinished Business: Return to Canadia

Photo Diary: A Recap of 2015

I think I can say with confidence that I've been pretty lucky this year. I have managed to visit 7 amazing cities, crossing a number of places off my travel list in the process. Somehow I have managed this while maintaining a full time job and tending to my savings. Prioritising my travels over more frivilous … Continue reading Photo Diary: A Recap of 2015


Making the best of the worst…

Somewhat ironically, my most recent blog post saw a giddy Tahlia and I arriving in VanCity, soon to be joined by our two pals Emily and Alanah. The four of us were all set to move into our plush new apartment situated slap bang in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Downtown's infamous Granville Street. … Continue reading Making the best of the worst…