April Abroad Lisbon Europe Travel

Photo Diary: Lovely, lovely Lisbon

Lisbon is a city that really has it all; great food, great weather, great bars, great people! The sun had his/her hat on the entire time during our visit, a welcome treat from the gloomy April Showers we had left at home in the British Isles. It is a relatively small city, and while the … Continue reading Photo Diary: Lovely, lovely Lisbon

April Abroad Lisbon Europe Travel

Turning 24: A Very Portuguese Birthday

Cost: £££££ Weather: 🌞⛅🌞 Novelty factor: 🏰 + 🍻 Despite being a short 2.5 hour plane journey away, I had somehow never visited any part of Portugal. Finally, in the last few days of my 23rd year, I managed to make it to Portugal; Lisbon, to be specific! Joined by my sister Beth and friend Claudia, I … Continue reading Turning 24: A Very Portuguese Birthday

April Abroad Brexit London Food Travel

London’s Best Comfort Food: The #BREXIT Binge

This week will go down in history as the week we (England) formally began the process of leaving the EU, following the Brexit referendum results last year. Wednesday 29th March will be known from this day forward as the day 'Great' Britain officially triggered Article 50 - kicking off the two-year process of #Brexiting the … Continue reading London’s Best Comfort Food: The #BREXIT Binge

April Abroad Copenhagen Denmark Europe City Break

Dreamy Denmark: Four Days in Copenhagen

Cost: £££££ Weather: 🌞 + ☔ Novelty factor: ☕ + 🚲 In what can only be described as tremendously out of character, I found myself pretty unprepared for my latest trip to Copenhagen. Other than a brief Google search of 'Nordic Delicacies' I was basically clueless. A group of four friends and I had been interested in visiting the Danish capital, … Continue reading Dreamy Denmark: Four Days in Copenhagen

Pit Stop in Paris

Cost: £££££ Weather: ⛅ + ☔ Novelty factor: 🐌 + 🍷 When planning my trip to Vietnam I discovered it was cheaper to fly direct from Paris to Hanoi. In light of this discovery, I decided to turn the detour into as much of a worthwhile visit as possible. I visited France a few times as a child but … Continue reading Pit Stop in Paris

Kraków: The Perfect Winter Break

Cost: £££££ Weather: ❄ + 🌞 Novelty factor: 🍻 + ⛪ Last weekend, accompanied by my best friend and long surviving travel companion Ryan, I visited the Polish city of Kraków. As soon as we landed on the runway, we were smitten. This is rather unheard of as airport runways are underwhelming at best, but there was something about the … Continue reading Kraków: The Perfect Winter Break