West Coast Wanders: Seattle in 72 hours

I'd expect readers of this blog to have become accustomed to the not-so-hidden food agenda of almost every post I write by now, but nevertheless, I feel obliged to inform you that my experience of The Emerald City was one predominately planned around the needs of the bottomless pit that is my stomach. However, I do … Continue reading West Coast Wanders: Seattle in 72 hours


17 Things All Vietnamese Kids Do…

After teaching the equivalent of a small Asian army over the last few months and then discussing the little rascals over hard earned after-school bia hois with other TEFL-ers, I've come to realise the kids here in Hanoi have a few things in common when it comes to classroom behaviour... 17 Things All Vietnamese Children Do … Continue reading 17 Things All Vietnamese Kids Do…

Photo Diary: A Recap of 2015

I think I can say with confidence that I've been pretty lucky this year. I have managed to visit 7 amazing cities, crossing a number of places off my travel list in the process. Somehow I have managed this while maintaining a full time job and tending to my savings. Prioritising my travels over more frivilous … Continue reading Photo Diary: A Recap of 2015

Lake Louise Life

Despite my recent vow to never set foot on a coach again (a result of numerous soul destroying National Express journeys) last Saturday I found myself boarding a Greyhound bus set for Lake Louise, located in Banff National Park, a mere 182 km from Calgary. So, okay, I was a bit late for the bus, and … Continue reading Lake Louise Life

Calgary: My Top Five Faves

Tomorrow afternoon I will finally be heading into the Rockies to start my new job in Lake Louise, but, for the last three nights I have been hanging out in Calgary, Alberta. Although I will admit I have spent the majority of the past 72 hours lounging around my hotel room desperately trying to ween my … Continue reading Calgary: My Top Five Faves