April Abroad Snowboarding Whistler Mountain

Whisinterpretations: An Idiot’s Guide to Ski Town Terminology

I'll start this one with a confession so we can be on the same page; I can't and don't ski or snowboard. Yep. I live in one of the most beautiful ski towns in the whole entire world and I have only "been up" twice. I know, I know, I am an embarrassment to myself and my family and … Continue reading Whisinterpretations: An Idiot’s Guide to Ski Town Terminology


West Coast Wanders: Seattle in 72 hours

I'd expect readers of this blog to have become accustomed to the not-so-hidden food agenda of almost every post I write by now, but nevertheless, I feel obliged to inform you that my experience of The Emerald City was one predominately planned around the needs of the bottomless pit that is my stomach. However, I do … Continue reading West Coast Wanders: Seattle in 72 hours

April Abroad Group Photo Whistler Mountain

Snow in Love: A White Christmas in Whistler

Although this post could quite easily rely solely on photos I have taken over the last few weeks, it seems only right to divulge at least some detail of the wonderful Christmas I have had here. December flew by in a haze of luminous fairy lights and festive themed aperitifs/hangovers and in case there was … Continue reading Snow in Love: A White Christmas in Whistler

Whistler: First Impressions of the ‘Comb

Today marks the two month anniversary of my return to Canada and I still can't quite believe I'm here to be honest. Being in such a joyous state has resulted in a consequential lack of content on the ol' bloggin’ front so I thought it was about time I drop a *hot* *new* *exxxxxxxclusive* RE: what I’ve been … Continue reading Whistler: First Impressions of the ‘Comb

April Abroad Pumpkin Picking Pemberton

Pumpkin Picking in Pemberton

This week Tanika and I decided to travel from Whistler (where I now live, did I mention this?) to nearby Pemberton, having got wind of a little farm there with a legitimate pumpkin patch! For context, Halloween is my absolute favourite time of year and I tend to get particularly EXXXXXTRA during late October, so the … Continue reading Pumpkin Picking in Pemberton

April Abroad Stanley Park vancouver

Unfinished Business: Return to Canadia

Two winters ago I reluctantly ended my Canadian adventure in the city of Vancouver a place which was quickly awarded the coveted title of My Favourite City of All Time. This is a huge claim, I know, but the fact it consistently appears in the Top 3 Most Liveable City list says it all. Having ended my trip … Continue reading Unfinished Business: Return to Canadia

April Abroad Lisbon Europe Travel

Photo Diary: Lovely, lovely Lisbon

Lisbon is a city that really has it all; great food, great weather, great bars, great people! The sun had his/her hat on the entire time during our visit, a welcome treat from the gloomy April Showers we had left at home in the British Isles. It is a relatively small city, and while the … Continue reading Photo Diary: Lovely, lovely Lisbon