West Coast Wanders: Seattle in 72 hours

I'd expect readers of this blog to have become accustomed to the not-so-hidden food agenda of almost every post I write by now, but nevertheless, I feel obliged to inform you that my experience of The Emerald City was one predominately planned around the needs of the bottomless pit that is my stomach. However, I do … Continue reading West Coast Wanders: Seattle in 72 hours

April Abroad Stanley Park vancouver

Unfinished Business: Return to Canadia

Two winters ago I reluctantly ended my Canadian adventure in the city of Vancouver a place which was quickly awarded the coveted title of My Favourite City of All Time. This is a huge claim, I know, but the fact it consistently appears in the Top 3 Most Liveable City list says it all. Having ended my trip … Continue reading Unfinished Business: Return to Canadia

April Abroad Copenhagen Denmark Europe City Break

Dreamy Denmark: Four Days in Copenhagen

Cost: £££££ Weather: 🌞 + ☔ Novelty factor: ☕ + 🚲 In what can only be described as tremendously out of character, I found myself pretty unprepared for my latest trip to Copenhagen. Other than a brief Google search of 'Nordic Delicacies' I was basically clueless. A group of four friends and I had been interested in visiting the Danish capital, … Continue reading Dreamy Denmark: Four Days in Copenhagen

Hanoi: An Attack on the Senses

Warning: in keeping with my usual story telling tendencies, this post is both sarcastic and melodramtic throughout At the risk of sounding like a corny, walking cliché... whenever I'm away from home for a long time, I notice my senses become heightened. In unfamiliar places I immediately begin to notice my senses playing a much bigger part … Continue reading Hanoi: An Attack on the Senses