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Unfinished Business: Return to Canadia

Two winters ago I reluctantly ended my Canadian adventure in the city of Vancouver a place which was quickly awarded the coveted title of My Favourite City of All Time. This is a huge claim, I know, but the fact it consistently appears in the Top 3 Most Liveable City list says it all. Having ended my trip … Continue reading Unfinished Business: Return to Canadia


Teachers on Tour: A week in Hội An

Cost: £££££ Weather: ⛅ ⛅ Novelty factor: 🍳 + 🎆 When we realised we would get an entire week off work after just three weeks of teaching (one of which was basically cancelled on account of "winter weather conditions") I was overjoyed and immediately started brainstorming potential trips. December 31st may be New Year's Eve for a large chunk of the … Continue reading Teachers on Tour: A week in Hội An

Teacher April: My First Week in Hanoi

Everyone told us the first week would be stressful, chaotic and disorganised. They weren't joking. We were thrown in at the deep end, having been in Hanoi just over a week we found ourselves teaching our first lesson Monday morning, to a class of roughly 48 children. But let me recap... Hanoi is awesome. It's a really diverse, … Continue reading Teacher April: My First Week in Hanoi